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Agent Login

Login to the Warranty Online System

Benefits in using the AWN Online Warranty Program

  • Web Based Warranty Program.
  • Exclusive Warranty Product Range.
  • Additional Products Available Such as Roadside Assistance.
  • FSRA Compliance Assured.
  • Comprehensive Reporting.
  • Instant Warranty Product Registration.
  • Call Centre Support.
  • Individually Branded Interface (Only Available to Approved High Volume Agents).

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Product Knowledge Online Training
Before Commencing your Product Training:
  • Turn on your computer speakers - Holly will talk you through the process.
  • Enter your supplied 'PEN' and password, and click [Login].
  • On some systems, the Training Program can take up to a minute to load. Please be patient!

If you have not already been suppllied a 'PEN' and password, follow the prompt on the Login page to
have one sent to you within one business day.

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