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Xtreme Vehicle Protection Products

AWN Xtreme Protection was developed to provide ultimate protection for your vehicle. Australia has some of the harshest weather conditions in the world. Our complete range of products provide the most comprehensive, effective and value for money protection which will ensure your vehicle maintains its new look long into the future.

Xtreme Fabric Guard

High in performance and containing fluro polymers, this water based product is applied to all fabric and carpet areas of your vehicle (except roof lining).

This advanced protection guards against fading, staining, soiling and premature wear and will not change the feel or texture of your fabric.

Xtreme Rust Guard

Is designed to help stop rust forming in your vehicle from the window line down. The resins and waxes used to give you protection from within the doors, boot and bonnet areas along with the undercarriage of your vehicle.

Penetration into the seams and cavities of the vehicle is a must, along with nuts and bolts which are exposed in those areas and are not seen.

Xtreme Paint Guard

Is formulated to protect your vehicle from the nasties such as UV rays, acidic bird and bat droppings and dulling of your vehicles paint work, just to mention a few!

Even when we take great care, the elements are against us in keeping our cars in peak condition. Our aim is to minimise the ageing process of your vehicle.

Xtreme Paint Guard is layered on the paint work to give an unbreakable chain of protection, guarding it against fading, oxidation, dulling and loss of gloss.

Xtreme Leather Guard

This superior formula is a water based product that is specially designed to moisturise and protect your vehicles interior leather.

Natural oils have been added for moisture retention within the hide keeping it flexible.

Xtreme Sound Guard

Have you ever driven on an unsealed road? Have you ever driven on the beach? The undercarriage of your vehicle is rarely seen and is directly exposed to the harsh elements we endure.

Xtreme Sound Guard contains acrylic and silicon, giving your vehicle ultimate protection against gravel, sand, road noise, moisture and dust.

Xtreme Vinyl Guard

This formula is a water based product; high in performance it contains acrylic resins and polymers.

Protect all vinyl areas of your vehicle, including the dash, seats, door trims against fading, staining, soiling.

For further details, contact your local Approved Motor Dealer.

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